549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War

3 July 2020 - 7:00 PM


The play tells the true story of four of the 549 Scots that volunteered as part of the International Brigade.

Wonder Fools in association with the Brunton and Citizens Theatre supported by the Ayr Gaiety.

1936. In villages, towns and cities across Scotland, 549 lives are gradually intertwining. People of contrasting backgrounds, ideologies and religions. Spurred on by their burning passion for equality and freedom, they will form the Scottish ranks of the Spanish Civil War’s legendary International Brigade.

2017. The country is divided. In a small pub in Prestonpans, East Lothian, four millennials are told a story.

The true story of four local miners who, 80 years ago, travelled from the streets of Prestonpans to the valleys of Spain. They gave up everything that was familiar: for a land that was not; for a people they had never met; and for a cause they believed was right.

549, a play with songs and storytelling, is a timely insight into one of Scotland’s almost forgotten conflicts.

*549 will be accompanied by a pop up installation and interactive website (549.scot) celebrating local volunteers of the International Brigade supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Creative team

Jack Nurse & Robbie Gordon

Jack Nurse

Catherine McLauchlan

Lighting Designer
Benny Goodman

Douglas Maxwell


Producer (Current)
Steph Connell

Ailie Crerar

Producer (Originating)
Hector Macpherson Brown


Robbie Gordon

Rebekah Lumsden

Michael MacKenzie

Nicholas Ralph

Cristian Ortega

Josh Whitelaw