A Story We Were Yet To Ken

Fearless Players & Alzheimer Scotland


The Group

This workshop was in collaboration with Alzheimer Scotland. Gaiety Creative Learning and Fearless Players worked with a group of people living with dementia and their families.

The Show

Fearless Players decided to write a musical about an older couple, Alexander and Allison, with the show being set in their present but also flashing back to their past. When they were younger, Alexander was a loveable rogue and Allison did everything by the book and when they met at The Races in Ayr, Alexander immediately takes a fancy to Allison but she isn’t so easily convinced. They make a deal that she will date him if he can find a list of items e.g. an engraved bridge box, a china teapot, a bottle of wine from the year 1963, so that he earns her affection. He is so determined that he finds every object and wins a date. Years pass and they are still together, except now Alexander has Alzheimer’s.  Allison tries to bring him back to her by reminding him how they met and by using their wild goose chase to keep their past in their present.

The Song

When writing this song, the participants gave such wonderful stories of how they met their own partners that we felt the song should reflect those memories. As a result, the song changed from being a comedic wild goose chase to instead being a moment for multiple people to recall how they met their partner, how they have always been there for them and will continue to care for them.

We owe a special thanks to Lorna McMillan who came on board to sing this track!

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For more information regarding the work Alzheimer Scotland do to help those with Alzheimers, their friends and families please click here: https://www.alzscot.org/

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Creative team

Created by
Participants from Alzheimer Scotland

Performed by
Shonagh Murray (Fearless Players)

Performed by
Lydia Davidson (Fearless Players)