I’ll Show Them All

Fearless Players


The Group

This workshop was a collaboration with Fearless Players and The South Ayrshire Champions Board, working with a group of care experienced young people. The song will also be used in a film project they are making.

The Show

Dani is a teenage girl, who is anxious and uncomfortable whenever she’s away from home so she wears a pair of headphones when outside in order to block out the sounds that stress her out. When she is at home, she doesn’t need the headphones so instead she jokingly bestows them on her favourite teddy bear, Floppy, for him to keep safe. Unbeknownst to Dani, these headphones bring the toy wearer to life when she leaves the room! Floppy comes to life and uses the headphones to bring all of his toy friends to life too.

The Song – I’ll Show Them All

The group we worked with was quite varied in age range so we created two different songs to reflect the writing from each group. I’ll Show Them All came from the younger members of the group, its a duet between Floppy the Bear and his enemy Ember the Angel, who he has brought to life. But to his horror, Ember wants to bring all of the villains of the bedroom to life. In order to set wrongs to right, Floppy needs to put everything back to the way it was in the bedroom before Dani comes back and discovers all of her toys causing chaos.

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Creative team

Fearless Players
Lydia Davidson

Fearless Players
Shonagh Murray

The Champions Board