My Way

Fearless Players


The Group

This workshop was part of the Lockdown Season. Fearless Players worked with a group of young people from Ayrshire in ‘Making Musical Theatre’ workshops.

The Show

This show is all about a girl and her travel journal, which she uses to document her experiences abroad so that she can share them with her mother when she returns. Her mother has never left Scotland and did not want her daughter to leave but the daughter promises to send objects back home that are a little bit of where she is e.g. a shell from a beach in the Philippines.

The Song

My Way is the conversation between the mother and daughter when the daughter finally decides that, despite her mother’s wishes, she still wants to leave Glasgow to travel. The song ends with the daughter deciding to leave and make her own memories.

Special thanks to Chris Quilietti for lending his voice to ‘The Airport Announcer’.

Fearless Players:

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Creative team

Created by
Participants of the Making Musical Theatre workshops

Performed by
Shonagh Murray (Fearless Players)

Performed by
Lydia Davidson (Fearless Players)