Ayr Gaiety Young Company


The lies they tell us. The fear they make us feel. We’re angry. We’re raging. We’re vexd.

VEXd is the culmination of a 10 week long process undertaken by members of the Gaiety Young Company. VEXd follows a group of performers as they attempt to explore, question and understand their own anger through the re-enacting, re-imagining and re-telling of classic angry moments from pop culture. Join them as they place themselves in different scenarios to better understand where they sit in and amongst it all.

Created by Amy Lovett, Claire Murphy, Philip Moore, Will Stewart and Amy McLeod in collaboration with Ricky Williamson.

Special thanks to Lydia Davidson for all of her help and creative input.

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Creative team

Ricky Williamson

Written and Performed by
The Ayr Gaiety Young Company