Wings of Wheels

Fearless Players


The Group

This workshop was part of our Lockdown Season. Fearless Players worked with a group of older and retired people from Ayrshire in ‘Making Musical Theatre’ workshops.

The Show

Dave and Joan, an older man and woman, meet at an auction where magical time-travelling campervans are being sold. They have worked their whole lives and never had the chance to do or see what they would like and regret never striking out to change that. They bond over their dreams of owning a magical campervan and imagine what they would do if they could go anywhere in the world and to any time. The show would follow the duo as they travel the world and finally fulfil all of their dreams.

The Song

Dave and Joan imagine what they would do if they had the freedom to go anywhere in the world with no limits to the when’s and how’s.


Fearless Players:

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Creative team

Created by
Participants of the Making Musical Theatre workshops

Performed by
Shonagh Murray (Fearless Players)

Performed by
Lydia Davidson (Fearless Players)