You’ve Always Meant So Much To Me

Lockdown Season Participants


Over six weeks, thirteen people, from all walks of life, came together to talk about one place, Ayrshire. The participants explored what Ayrshire meant to them through stories, poems and filmmaking. The end result is a film called¬†You’ve Always Meant so Much to Me.¬†The film is a documentation of our time together and a snapshot of the landscape we find ourselves in.

Inspired by Stephen James Smith’s ‘Dublin You Are’.

Words & Film by; Liska Pleines, Mike Turberville, Bonnie Buchanan, Ben Copeland, Margaret Cameron, Chris Freemantle, Catriona Hill, Philip Moore, Aileen Gemmell, Lisa Tierney & Michael Stewart.

Special thanks to Robbie Gordon, Eoin McKenzie, Lydia Davidson, & Ricky Williamson.

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Creative team

Leyla Josephine

Ruari Barber-Fleming

Words & Film
Participants of Drama & Filmmaking Workshop

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